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  Anaheim Firefighters Local 2899

Anaheim Beanies 12$

Anaheim Duck Hats 20$ 

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Floppy Hats are now in at the office, come by office or call 714-447-3899  

Sm, Med, Lg and X-Lg sizes 20$

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 If you are planning on retiring this year 2015, Please Notify Us Promptly        

   The AFA's 2015 Christmas/ Holiday /Retirement Party is approaching!   This year it will take place on December 11th.  But now is the time to start planning. So I would like to ask any of you who enjoy planning, helping, or were on your high school reunion committee, to please contact me.  We had some really key people help put it all together last year.... including Fernando & Darlene, Mike Perry, Heather Soliz, Janna Mooney, and many others. The feedback was very positive that we should continue this longstanding tradition. 

Please help me out by:

       1.    Let me know ASAP if you are planning to retire this year (2015). I promise, I won't hold you to it if you should change your mind. 

       2.   If you would like to help put the party on please send me an email to ... If you could also say what specific areas you enjoy or are skilled at doing...  Set up/Break down,  Food , etc..

Thanks so much for all you do-


Brad Hirst/AFA Director/ Special Events



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Anaheim Firefighters

Will Never Forget!



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AFA Office

1293 N. Patt Street

Anaheim, CA 92801

714-447-3899 Phone

714-447-3898 Fax

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